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When In Chianti, Hang With The Locals, Especially If You Are A Kid at Antica Macelleria Cecchini

He is the eighth generation of butchers in Panzano, but he was originally studying Veterinary Science, when his Dad was very ill and Dario Cecchini had to take over the family business.

We made the trip to Panzano during a Fall visit to Italy, while we were staying in Pienza and wanted to take a day trip to visit this world famous butcher, having heard all about the bistecca fiorentina. Little did we know that he rose to fame during the mad cow disease crisis when eating a ‘bistecca fiorentina’ or t-bone steak was prohibited for health scare reasons. He organized a funeral for the bistecca fiorentina and a plaque still commemorates the ceremony in his butcher shop.

As we entered the butcher shop, laid out on a stainless steel platter was a freshly roasted porchetta with rosemary and fennel powder accentuating the entrance as we approached Antica Macelleria Cecchini. Robust and vibrant, we had the pleasure of being greeted by the legend himself, Dario Cecchini. He was overwhelmed that my husband and I brought our 5 kids aging from 2 to 11 to visit his famous butcher shop, but the honor was truly ours.

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