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1 South County Road

Palm Beach, FL 33480


Located in the Breakers Hotel, the experience is one of grandeur with the most breathtaking views of the ocean, grab a seat at the aquarium bar with live fish and order off the extensive menu. Don't let the name deceive you there's something for everyone who's hungry.

From the moment you enter, the opulence is abound at this waterfront restaurant.

The Seafood Bar was completely renovated in 2016, by The Tihany Design Team and was inspired by the Palm Beach Yachting lifestyle.

Catch of the Day: Blackened Grouper served with house fries


The fish is so fresh it tastes as if was caught and filet to order

The martini was crisp and cold

Depth of the menu options

The nautical decor with the ocean views and aquarium bar

The colossal floral arrangement in the lobby


20% percent gratuity on all checks

Don't have all the bottles of wine on the list

Since the gratuity is included, service may be inconsistent

Located in a resort, the restaurant is pricey

Service may be slow at times due to it's popularity

There's many strong, passionate reviews for The Seafood Bar, but certainly we can all agree on several factors, the hotel is beautiful, the owners commit to $25 million each year in ongoing revitalization and preservation. The menu at The Seafood Bar is welcoming and the quality of the food relies on local, seasonal ingredients presented to satisfy our culinary prowess. When going to The Seafood Bar, go with an open mind, it may be vivacious, but take the time to enjoy yourself and allow yourself to fully enjoy the moment. It's truly wonderful experience.

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