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Great Bowls of Pasta: Gargiulo's Fusilli Carciofi

There are bowls of pasta that just resonate through the years and provide life long memories of that feeling that you cannot wait to get back and just experience that euphoria again. This dish began about 40 years ago, as a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, New York.

For me this bowl of pasta is Fusilli Carciofi, made by one of my favorite Neapolitan Italian restaurants located in the heart of Coney Island, Brooklyn, Gargiulo's. Baby artichokes are cleaned and stewed for hours with garlic and wine, and turned into a sublime artichoke sauce that coats the fusilli resulting in a pure decadent dish of pasta.

Fusilli Carciofi is nestled among 15 different pasta dishes on the menu, it's not jumping up at you, but if you love artichokes this will definitely be a dish that stands out among Fusilli al Filetto and Penne Pasqualina.

If a pasta dish stands the test of time 40 years and counting, I would definitely quantify it as a great bowl of pasta.

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