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Great Bowls of Pasta: Cipollini's Tagliatelle

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

This is not listed on the menu nor is it a creation of the Poll Brothers, however there is a dish on the Cipollini menu for Tagliatelle Shiitake, Asparagus which may seem nondescript, however drilling down it all becomes clear in my mind. Simple, delicious, heavenly, however not before I ask for one small adjustment: squid ink linguine. It takes this nondescript menu item to superstar status, the linguine is glazed with a light broth, the rich black pasta contrasting with the bright green asparagus could be an artists‘ rendition of a study in vibrant color.

The flavor of all of the components of the dish are harmonious, eliciting a beautiful opera in my mouth, which allows me to take the time to enjoy each savory forkful with sheer bliss. I could close my eyes and see strings of squid ink linguine dancing around in my head in unison to Pavarotti, that’s the beauty of this dish.

You will will find this dish at Cipollini, located in Manhasset on the North Shore of Long Island, but you would think you were in New York City, as this restaurant is completely full by 12:15. The bread is earthly with an exceptional crunchy outside and sublime softness inside and served with my favorite Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Frantoia.

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