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350 South County Road

Palm Beach, FL 33480


Sister Restaurants: Grato, Imoto and Buccan Sandwich Shop

Full flavored dishes are the signature of four time nominated Chef Clay Conley, various textures, layers of depth, with each aspect lending itself to the final product.

Beech Mushroom Gyoza | black garlic vinegar, ginger, Thai Basil

The menu is whimsically divided into Raw, Et Cetera, Plant-Based, Crispy, Flour & Water and Large Plates, with an emphasis on small plates and wood-fired dishes, each of which exemplifies the chef's love of fresh ingredients.

Steak Tartare | prime NY strip, grilled bread, black truffle, crispy egg yolk


Steak Tartare may be one of the best we've tasted

Free valet parking

Half off wine bottle on Mondays

Perfectly balanced plates

The Rye Manhattan


The acoustics are loud

Reservations must be made in advance

Very busy, so personal requests may be overlooked

Wait for your table may be long

There's free parking, the food has developed, complex flavors, there are mocktails, cocktails and one of the best chocolate chip cookies in the state!

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